Okiply Shoji Co., Ltd. is a Japanese construction  
company duly registered and licensed as a  
general contractor in Japan. The company was
established in 1971 when it entered into
construction contracts with the US Military in   
Okinawa. From 1971 to 1984, it concentrated in
contracting works specializing in painting and
waterproofing. In 1985, the company expanded
its contracting capacity to general construction   
works and soon began to receive contract
awards from the  Air Force, Army, and the Navy.     
For more than 20 years of successful
performance of more than 100 contracts of
various sizes and scope, Okiply Shoji Co., Ltd. takes
pride on being one of the pioneering
contractors of the US  Military bases in Okinawa.
Created & Maintained by  Ver O. Paña

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    Current Contracts as of 15 March 2012

1. Contract FA5270-08-D0005, Roof Repairs and       
    Maintenance, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite    
   Quantity (IDIQ), Various Facilities, Various  
   Locations, Okinawa, Japan (US Air Force-
   Kadena Air Base)
   Contracting Office: 18 CONS/LGCC
   Contract Amount: Y 1,601,060,000
   Date of Award : August 2008
   Date of Completion: August 2013

2. Contract FA5270-10-D0006, Repair Concrete   
   Spalls and Cracks, Indefinite  
   Delivery/Indefinite Quantity   (IDIQ),    
   Various Facilities, Various Locations,   
   Okinawa, Japan (US Air Force-Kadena Air    
    Contracting Office: 18 CONS/LGCC
    Contract Amount: Y 221,385,000
    Date of Award: May 2010
    Date of Completion: May 2015
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           Projects Management Team

         Masaichi Asato     -   President

         Versilius Paña      -   Contracts Manager
 Ken Asato             -  Project Manager

          Makoto Miyahira   -   Project Manager

          Shuji Tamashiro    -  Project Supervisor

          Eibun Tengan       -  Quality Control Manager

          Masanori Kina       -  Safety & Health Officer

          Michi Egawa          -  Contracts Assistant

          Yuki Anderson       - Project Coordinator

4. Contract N40084-10-D-2007, Maintenance
   and Repair, Fences & Gates, Indefinite
   Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ),  
   Various Government Installations,
   Okinawa, Japan
   Contractng Office:Resident Officer In
   Charge of Construction (ROICC)
   Contract Amount: US$ 5,815,875.52
   Date of Award: July 2010
   Date of Completion: July 2015

5. Contract N40084-11-D-2008, Maintenance
    and Repair Roofs, Various Government
    Installations, Okinawa, Japan
    Contracting Office: Resident Officer In
    Charge of Construction (ROICC)
    Contract Amount: $10,277,145.93
    Date of Award: 13 September 2011
    Date of Completion: 12 September 2014
3. Contract FA5270-11-D-0005, Maintenance
    and Repair of Water Systems, Various
    Locations, Okinawa, Japan (IDIQ-5 Years)
    Contracting Office: 18 CONS/LGCC (U.S. Air
    Force-Kadena AB)
    Contract Amount: $20,000,000
    Date of Award: 8 August 2011
    Date of Completion: August 2016